About SPI award program

SPI award program (Saint-Petersburg Islands), includes a basic award, a small plaque and a Honor Roll plaque. Basic award is issued in electronic and / or printed forms. Award was established by St. Petersburg section of the KDR club in conjunction with the Inter-Radio public fund established to populate amateur radio activities.

SPI award program includes 34 islands (islands references list).

  1. It is necessary to perform the following number of QSOs with the following number of Saint-Petersburg islands to obtain a basic award:
    • For Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region HAMs – 5 QSOs with 3 islands
    • For all other HAMs - 3 QSOs with 2 islands
  2. It is necessary to have 6 QSOs with various islands of Saint-Petersburg to apply for a small « Saint-Petersburg Islands » plaque
  3. It is necessary to have 20 QSOs with various islands of Saint-Petersburg to apply for Honor Roll « Saint-Petersburg Islands » plaque

QSOs established in any period of time, by any type of modulation, on any HF or VHF bands (except for QSOs done using active repeaters) are counted. Duplicate QSOs are not allowed.

Same requirements must be met by SWLs.

Attention! If you worked with an RDA where an island exists, this does not mean that you have certainly worked with the island station. Please check in different databases, by e-mail, ask your correspondent during the QSO about his QTH location.

Activators need to work from 3 various islands to get a basic diploma, from 6 various islands for a small plaque and from 20 various islands for a Honor Roll plaque

At least 100 QSOs must be held from each island. Duplicate QSOs can be done on different bands and modulation types.

Electronic award is free of charge.

Print diploma cost:

Small plaque cost:

Small plaque cost:

An application in the form of the logbook export should be sent to the UA1ANA (award manager) using email: permut.sergey@gmail.com After checking the application by the award manager, a convenient payment method will be determined.

Scans of the received QSLs can be claimed to confirm the QSOs

Diploma Program Awards

SPI award program (“Islands of St. Petersburg”), includes a basic diploma, a small plaque and a “Honor Roll” plaque. Basic diploma is issued in electronic and / or printed forms./p>

The small plaque and the Honor Roll plaque are made of natural or pressed wood with a metal nameplate, displaying the symbols of the islands of St. Petersburg.

Diploma Program Awards Honor Roll plaque Basic diploma Small plaque